"A Photographic Impression Of The World"
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Friends kept telling me they liked my people pictures, even though I considered portraiture my weakness because I shoot so rapidly. These shots range over 37 years through 2011, all over the world. This particular volume may be the most ubiquitous of them all. Titled HUMANS, the photos are distinct from those of animals and family members.
How I shoot people: I have used a variety of zoom lens to get close ups. Most of the time, humans sense that they are being shot at the moment of execution. Occasionally, they are either mortified (as in Kenya), embarrassed (as in Camden, New Jersey), or even paranoid (as in Denmark, South Carolina). Sometimes I do ask people to pose as a group or move closer to a signatory adjacent image. I often spend time conversing with photo victims. Women almost always insist they take bad photos until they see the beautific results. In the less friendly inner cities, I shoot with an 28-200 zoom lens from my rental car, very quickly, so as not to be a victim of a drive by shooting. Major fears involve police, the government, pedophilia, terrorism, and loss of soul. It is great fun to enlarge some of these shots and send them to cooperative victims.