"A Photographic Impression Of The World"
And so this anonymous reviewer wrote in an altered state one night about Cummings:

"In the grand immediate tradition of Robert Frank, who captured the ordinary perfect moment, and as a spiritual descendant of Walker Evans who fell in love with American roadway signs, this nascent photographer has a remarkably intuitive eye for colors, contrasts, and forms.And irony, of course.

But also as a Fifties kid who grew up with "Travels with Charley" and Kerouac's books, Cummings is faithful to the exuberance of the road and all of its serendipitous possibilties. The challenge of where to go and where to stop and how long to stay and shoot whatever fancies this man is an existential manifestation of every moment of our waking lives. Life is an infinite smorgasbord with finite time, so Cummings teaches us to stop and chuckle at Christian artifacts, chat up the cute waitresses, and marvel at the bygone intimacy of American cafes. We can go wherever we want but in doing so, we eliminate an infinitude of other roads, corners, and bars.

That is the way it is.
"A photographic impression of the world" This statement really does encompass my thoughts of Steve Cummings beautiful and thought provoking photographic book series "Ubiquities." I have watched and enjoyed Steve's enthusiasm and joy in compiling each and every one of his now 24 books in this series of photographic glimpses into the world he has traveled.

Each volume walks me through a different aspect of his personal travels and perspectives. From "American Decay" which shows the crumbling of America's past to "Neon Seattle" that highlights the shine of his city's distinct way of lighting up the night. From the bold captures in the books "Iran" and "Cuba Si" which took this average American behind the borders of countries marked as hostile, to the beautiful affirmation of life in the heartfelt books "Humans" and "American Grandeur." Each book is a testament to Steve's wonderful and adventurous spirit and I would have great difficulties finding one to be more of a favorite over another.

This series has captivated me over the years and I am forever grateful to have been able to know the man behind the lens. His boyish enthusiasm and deep love for capturing the pieces of the world that fascinate him, will always be an inspiration to me. I thank him for sharing his wonderful vision, perspective and love for life and the world that surrounds him.

-Gary Smith